The Brief

Create a socialable space to cook with a central island and units around the edges.  The units should be unique and reflect the style of the rest of the house.


Before starting the project we observed how the family used the house (and existing tiny kitchen) they have 3 children and often when they use the house they have guests. Our observations took into account the need for storage and the flow of the room.

La Son kitchen damians pics 004

With all of our projects we up-cycle unusual old pieces and adapt them. We then combine these pieces with new timber and where possible, locally sourced hardwoods.

The drawer fronts on the dresser were an old French drinks crate. We recreated the central drawer entirely from new timber and distressed it to match the other two.

La Son kitchen damians pics 001

The smaller drawers were found in a brocante and look like they came from an old garage. These were cut down to form part of the dresser.

La Son kitchen damians pics 002La Son kitchen damians pics 008La Son kitchen damians pics 017La Son kitchen damians pics 016La Son kitchen damians pics 015











The light shades were found at a Vide Grenier. We also found a bunch of old brass kerasin camping stoves and some copper flasks. These were cut down and welded to old copper pipes to make the lights.










There was an old pine plan chest that was in one of the bedrooms but no longer needed. This was adapted for form the island.

We sourced the oak from a local timber yard for the worktop.

La Son kitchen damians pics 013