The brief was to create a library within the current lounge.

Here is the finished library, see below how it progressed.

library 3 001 library 3 002 library 3 003 library 3 004 library 3 005 library 3 007 library 3 008 library 3 011 library 3 012 library 3 013 library 3 014 library 3 015 library 3 018 library 3 019

The project, start to finish….

jars etc 007

library 019

An old Armoire was found at a brocante, shelves added and painted a soft sage green inside and chalky cream outside.

jars etc 008


This space was crying out for a window seat

window seat 009


Paneled window seat with upholstered linen cushion

window seat 012

library 020

A window seat will be created using paneling from an old French bed.

jars etc 004

library 017

Shelves will be created either side of the fireplace and above the doors.

jars etc 002

jars etc 001

Items that might be used, found at a local brocante

library 022

These pieces came from an old Chateau door that we cut up for our study project. I think we can use them in the library.

boards 001

boards 003

boards 004

library 021

One of the main challenges of the library project was to find, adapt or build a cupboard to house the TV and sky and DVD boxes. The space was limited so the cupboard needed to be narrow and not too wide. After searching and searching I decided to build from scratch but using the old bed I had bought some months before. It is made from old Walnut and has amazing barley twist posts and carved panels.

library 2 002

Armed with a rough sketch with measurements the first stage is to cut up the bed.

library 2 003 library 2 004

The bed was broken up into sections and primed with white chalky paint.

library 2 005

At this stage I am not sure how I am going to fit it all together but I know I want to use the barley twist poles somewhere.

library 2 006

It is a case of laying it out and playing around with the position of the sections.

library 2 007

library 2 008 library 2 009

beds 004

The finished cupboard ready to fit the TV and DVD player.

beds 003

beds 002

beds 001

It was painted in a soft grey chalky paint

library painting 003

The armoire was painted in shades of cream chalky paint to resemble parchment

library painting 002

library painting 001

The cream then had a coat of diluted Vandyke crystals

library painting 004

library painting 005

This will then be waxed to protect the finish